Special arrangements

At Tampere University, special arrangements are meant to support the students in studying and reaching their learning outcomes. The special arrangement practices are used to ensure the students’ equality as far as possible. Below is a short overview of special arrangements. For more detailed information about applying for special arrangements, consult the section Student life in the University’s Student’s Guide.

Who is eligible for special arrangements?

All our students are eligible for special arrangements if they have a formally diagnosed learning difficulty or an illness, disability or other medical condition that may affect their ability to undertake or demonstrate learning. Students requesting special arrangements have to provide a medical certificate. The different types of learning difficulties may impede a student’s ability to read, write or stay focused. Medical conditions that may warrant special arrangements include physical illnesses, such as neurological illnesses or musculoskeletal disorders, and mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety disorder.

What special arrangements are available?

Special arrangements are tailored to the needs of the individual student and the expected learning outcomes of courses and degrees. This means that the types of arrangements may vary depending on the learning outcomes. At Tampere University, special arrangements can include

  • additional time
  • the use of electronic or technical aids
  • quiet exam facilities
  • extended loan period for course books
  •  special exam rooms
  • other arrangements or support provided by the teacher

To get special arrangements, you need to contact the University’s student counselling services first. For more detailed instructions on how to apply for special arrangements, please see the University’s Student’s Guide and the section Student life.

The University can order a test on reading or mathematical learning disabilities if necessary. The University’s special exam facilities are also available for both Tampere Universities.

How to request special arrangements

To be granted special arrangements, you first have to contact the University’s Educational Support Services. The team will get back to you to schedule a personal appointment.