Communication channels and student magazine

TREY’s communication channels

By following the Student Union’s communication channels, you will stay up-to-date on the most important events and news in student life!

TREY’s website

You can find TREY’s website at The website contains current news as well as information on the student union’s activities and future events.

Social media 

TREY’s liveliest social media communications are on Facebook, where you can find TREY with the name TREY – Tampereen ylioppilaskunta or @treytampere. Facebook is the cradle of TREY’s news, blog posts, statements, videos and events.

On Instagram, TREY’s communications are more light-hearted and casual and centre around having fun, informing students of important topics and maintaining a community spirit. TREY’s account on Instagram is @treytampere.

Twitter / X is a channel for societal discussion where TREY takes a stand on various issues, engages in dialogue with others and live-tweets about events, such as council meetings. TREY’s account on Twitter / X is @treytampere.

Email lists 

TREY maintains various email lists for volunteers and people in positions of trust, such as the student representative body, Council of Representatives, tutors and the boards of the associations operating within TREY.You can find more information about TREY’s email lists on TREY’s website.

Newsletter and table tents

TREY’s newsletter contains events that are interesting for the community and information about current matters in the student union, the University and Tampere. TREY’s newsletter is published on Fridays. The student union is continuously forwarding information for the communication organisers of associations, and they can send newsletters about this information forward. In addition, the student union has newsletters concerning educational affairs and social affairs for those who are interested. The Student Union’s newsletters are sent via Mailchimp. Subscribe to TREY’s newsletter on Mailchimp’s subscription page.

TREY’s table tent is a printout that is distributed to the university restaurants once a month, and it contains the Student Union’s most current advocacy news and events. TREY’s communications sector is in charge of compiling the table tent, and they would love to hear your feedback!

Telegram channel

We communicate matters concerning all students via our open Telegram information channel! The Telegram information channel communicates current issues of the Student Union and it will also support the University’s communication of, for example, coronavirus instructions and other themes concerning the entire community. You can join the information channel via this Telegram invite link!

Visiiri, the student magazine of Tampere

Student magazine Visiiri.

Visiiri is the latest student magazine in Finland. Funded by TREY, Visiiri is an independent journalistic publication.

The printed magazine is published six times during the academic year, with articles about current issues that concern students and the university community. You can find the magazine at magazine stands on campuses and in the centre of Tampere. Visiiri is also distributed to some TOAS apartments. The online edition of Visiiri is published at

Students from various fields contribute to the content of the magazine. If you would like to contribute to Visiiri, please contact the editors.