Fresher life in our community

At Tampere University, each incoming student is assigned a student tutor to help you get started with your studies. Student tutoring is organised in cooperation by the university, TREY and student associations. Your tutor is an experienced student, often from the same field as you, who has been trained for the task. Your tutor will contact you before you come to Tampere. Sort out your arrival arrangements with them and get to know them a little bit. Your Welcome Week starts on 19 August and your tutor will be there to help you!

Tutoring involves going through studying practices in Finland, the quirks of living here and the student culture in Tampere. Your tutor will probably have ties to some student associations, so hop along and get to know them! Naturally, your tutor’s job is to help you if problems arise. Any questions you might have about studying and living in Finland can be sorted out with your tutor. Be proactive, however. You can get the most out of your tutoring by asking a bunch of questions and having an open mind.

Tutors take the different life situations and interests of new students into account. Ask your tutor how tutoring is organised specifically for students in your degree programme.

Tutor's scarf.
You can spot who is a tutor from these tutor scarfs. The coloring of the scarf and its print changes yearly so you can recognize each year’s tutors easily.