This page contains information about moving around Tampere.


Cycling is the fastest option for travelling less than three kilometres in Tampere. It’s easy and affordable, and on top of that, cycling increases physical and mental health. If the journey is too long to cycle, you can park your bike close to a tram, bus or train station, and the journey can be continued by public transport. Tampere has developed a lot of new cycling opportunities in recent years: existing cycling routes are being improved and new cycling routes are being built every year. You can plan your trip by using Nysse’s route planner.

City bikes

City bikes offer a quick and inexpensive way to move from one place to another. The network reaches every campus. For use, you need the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application, through which registration and payment is handled. The city bikes will be in use from 15 April to 31 October. More information about the city bike station network and pricing can be found on Nysse’s website.

Public transport 

The buses and trams of the regional transport services, Nysse, will take you to all campuses. To benefit from the student discount, you have to use the Nysse Mobiili application. Students under the age of 25 can also buy youth discount tickets to a travel card. If you are 25 or older, you can still use a travel card, but you cannot add anything else than full-price tickets to it. To get a Nysse travel card, visit the public transport customer service at Frenckell square or order it at the Nella Online Service for 5 euros.

In addition to the travel card and the Nysse Mobiili app, you can also pay for your journeys by contactless payment on your debit card. In public transport, you cannot pay for your trip in cash. When traveling within the regional train service area (Nokia/Lempäälä/Orivesi–Tampere), you can pay with a season ticket purchased to your travel card or your Nysse Mobiili app.

The local public transport area is divided into zones from A to F according to distances. You can find the zone borders at Nysse’s website or in the journey planner website. When buying tickets, you always need to add at least two adjacent zones.

There is no night fare when travelling with any season ticket. When travelling with a travel card cash value ticket or an individual travel ticket from 12 am to 4.40 am, a night surcharge will be charged in addition to the normal fee. A night surcharge is automatically charged for the travel card value ticket. The night fare is €3.

Student discount on the bus

Students under 25 can use the local public transport services (bus, train, and tram) with youth tickets, which are more affordable than the student discount ticket. Youth discounts are available for all ticket types. To benefit from the student discount, you have to purchase a 30-day student season ticket in the Nysse Mobiili app.

You can download the Nysse Mobiili app at Google Play or App Store.To get a student discount, your information will be verified from the Finnish National Agency for Education’s service in Nysse Mobiili or its admin page.The discount price will be valid for the entire duration of your studies. 

Repa, Nella and Lissu

The online services of Tampere public transport are Repa Journey Planner, Nella Online Service and Lissu Traffic Monitor. You should add these to your bookmarks!

Repa journey planner gives you the current schedules and transport bulletins, as well as the fastest traffic connections with the help of location services and address search. You can also follow bus traffic in real-time there. The journey planner’s address is

In Nella online service, you can buy tickets (cash value or season tickets) to your travel card and order your own travel card. Tickets bought in Nella will be downloaded to your travel card when you use it with the card reader on the bus. The Nella online service can be found at

Lissu traffic monitor follows the real-time bus traffic. The traffic monitor can be found at

The Nysse website gives you comprehensive information on all public transport in the Tampere area.

Nysse customer service

Frenckellinaukio 2 B

Check the opening hours at Nysse’s website!

Tel. +358 3 5656 4700

Student benefits for long-distance transport  

You can get a discount of approximately 30 percent on VR train tickets with the student card. You need to have the card with you for the ticket inspection. Matkahuolto also offers student discounts for travel tickets. With online discounts or saver tickets, the trip might be even cheaper than with a student discount if you book your trip well in advance!