Approximately 180 different student associations operate within TREY. Among them, you can find subject associations and guilds, faculty and umbrella associations operating for example on the faculty level, vocational clubs and various hobby associations. In particular, your own field’s subject association or guild will certainly become familiar to you soon, but our field of associations includes a massive number of various associations. Everyone can definitely find something to do according to their interests. You can get to know all the different associations at TREY’s website.

Subject associations and guilds

Subject associations and guilds are consortiums of students of certain subjects or fields which advocate for their members in the degree programmes and organise leisure activities for the students. The subject associations in engineering fields are called guilds.

Subject associations and guilds with student intake are often the first student associations that become familiar to the new students – they represent the degree programmes that admit new students through student admission. They participate closely in the organisation of tutoring at Tampere University. Your tutor will most likely introduce you to the activities of their subject association or guild. Even though parties are a big part of the daily life of these associations, they also do important advocacy work within the degree programmes and as part of the university community.

Participating in their activities will offer you a great opportunity to also get to know students of other fields. Subject associations and guilds cooperate a lot by organising joint get-togethers, among other things.

There are also subject associations that do not have student intake. They do the same things as the other subject associations, but you can usually become a member when you know your area of specialisation. Many subject associations operate within large degree programmes – those that are responsible for the tutoring and freshers’ events of the whole degree programme and those that are responsible for supervising the interests of students of a specific area of specialisation.

Faculty and umbrella associations

The faculty and umbrella associations operate, for example, on the faculty level, and their members are other associations. That means you cannot directly become a member of a faculty and umbrella association, but your membership comes through the subject association of your study field. Faculty and umbrella associations operate in three faculties: Faculty of Management and Business (Johto ry), Faculty of Education and Culture (Kasvo ry) and Faculty of Social Sciences (YTY ry). Additionally, there are two umbrella associations: Tampereen Teekkarit ry, which works as the umbrella association for the guilds, and Pointer ry, which works as an umbrella association at the university campus in Pori.

The faculty and umbrella associations supervise the interests of their faculties’ students, organise training for their member associations and build up a community spirit within the member associations. Some of the faculty and umbrella associations have other responsibilities as well, such as organising the tutoring for international students.

Vocational clubs

Vocational clubs are hobby associations dedicated to specific fields. Vocational clubs maintain relationships between students, institutions and companies in the field in a manner very similar to subject associations without student intake: they organise excursions, provide frameworks for improving your own competences and organise other activities, such as sauna evenings for their members. They do not have their own student intake, so their members are made up of students with specific interest in the themes that define the clubs.

Sports associations

Two associations/sports clubs focusing on sports operate on the campus: Tampereen Akateeminen Mahti and Teekkareiden Urheilu- ja Voimailukerho TUrVoKe. Sports divisions focusing on specific sports operate under them. Read more about the activities of the sports associations on the Sports page of this guide.

Hobby associations 

Most of our associations are hobby associations that operate on the basis of a hobby, interest or conviction. In the hobby associations, you can get introduced to different things such as space technology, the secrets of wine tasting, electronic music and student theatre. You can hopefully find many associations that interest you from the broad selection. Read about our hobby associations before you arrive in Tampere and don’t be afraid to contact them. New members are always welcome and wanted. You can get to know the hobby associations on the spot at the Hobby fair held in September!  

International associations and clubs    

The Student Union has many hobby associations focusing on internationality and international activity. There is a large spectrum of them; some of them bring together students of a certain discipline, while others concentrate on internationalisation in Finland. All international associations and clubs are connected by promoting internationality in our community. Read more about internationality on the Internationality page of this guide.