Start with these!

This same list can be found in the front page of this guide.

Accept your study place by following the instructions given to you by the University.

You might be subject to fees and eligible for scholarships. Check your own situation and act accordingly!

Start sorting out your arrival in Finland. Moving to a different country requires closely following the official procedures, and those procedures vary depending on your home country.See the Student’s Guide for more information on this; you can find it on the University’s website! The Welcome page of the Student’s Guide in particular includes relevant links and info pages at the beginning.

Apply for a student card via TREY’s website. This is possible only after you have accepted your study place. The mobile student card, Tuudo, is a great addition to the physical card, so download that!

Activate your personal user ID for the University’s electronic services via This can only be done after you have accepted your study place. 

Apply for housing! Find out more about housing options on the Housing-page.

Make sure you are covered by health insurance. Find more information on the Student’s Guide.

Connect with your student tutor and arrange your arrival in Tampere before Welcome Week begins on Monday August 19!