Information systems

The university has several information systems that you can access during your studies! Get to know the systems in peace and remember that support is always available!

In the students’ everyday life, different online environments become familiar.

All the main study services can be found in the Student’s Guide!For instructions and information about the curriculum and academic services, visit the Student’s Guide on the University’s website. Tampere University curricula are updated in the Student’s Guide, as well, on the Curriculum page.

The most important study-related electronic services are:

  • Sisu information system
  • Intranet
  • TUNI Moodle
  • EXAM, the electronic examination system
  • Office 365
  • Library Services
  • MOT Dictionaries

The university intranet also includes important current information for the students. The intranet is the official channel for the University’s internal communications, and it can be found at On the intranet, you will find news, event information, handbooks, staff search and links to electronic services.

In the news section, you will find important study-related announcements and newsletters, information about the University’s decision-making (including the decisions of the University Board and faculties), and events for staff and students. On the intranet, the different newsletters and news are targeted, which means that all communications are not visible to students directly. You can make additional adjustments to your targeting settings if you like. You can update your own profile by clicking your name in the upper right corner of the intranet interface.

On the front page of the intranet, you will see an overview of your studies: your degree schedule and calendar, messages from other systems, upcoming exams and study credits. You can also customise your own intranet start page to better serve your own needs.

Student’s Guide

The Student’s Guide is your most important source for all information concerning studying at Tampere University. The guide can be accessed through The guide includes the curricula and information on

  • Beginning your studies
  • Guidance and counselling services
  • Practicalities such as exams, teaching periods and optional studies
  • Internationalisation
  • Graduation and career options

In the Student’s Guide, you can access important services such as study guides, curricula and different handbooks for studying. Go explore the Student’s Guide!


Sisu is an information system for teaching, studies and administration for the whole university community. You will need the Sisu system to enrol in courses and to make your personal study plan (PSP/HOPS) for your degree studies. The system allows you to monitor the progress of your studies, print out an official academic transcript, or apply for credit transfer or your diploma.

You can sign in to Sisu at (select the language from the upper right corner) with your TUNI account and password.