The student union is an equal community where we intervene in harassment, bullying and other inappropriate behaviour. The perspective of equality is cross-cutting in all of TREY’s activities and stances. TREY promotes gender equality, accessibility and the equal treatment of all kinds of people at the university.

All students, regardless of age, nationality, ethnicity, skin colour, gender, sexuality, state of health, ability to function, conviction, family situation or socioeconomic background, are equal members of the student union. Any kind of discrimination based on a person’s characteristics will not be tolerated.

With all questions related to equality at the University or in the Student Union, you can contact TREY’s Specialist in Social Affairs or the board’s equality organiser, whose contact information you can find on TREY’s website.

Harassment contact persons

The university has to be a safe place for everyone to study and learn. No kind of harassment, discrimination or bullying is tolerated in our university community.

TREY has harassment contact persons who help and advise students at a low threshold. You can contact the harassment contact persons even if you are unsure of your situation or just want to discuss ways to intervene in cases of harassment.

The harassment contact persons always help you on your terms. They will never take any further action without your consent. All discussions with the harassment contact persons are strictly confidential.

You can contact the harassment contact persons by sending an email to hairinta@trey.fi. If you need help regarding harassment, discrimination and bullying, head to TREY’s website to learn more on the support harassment contact persons offer.