In Tampere, you can live inexpensively and in good locations if you apply for a flat right away after finding out about your study place. Especially in the autumn, a lot of people look for flats at the same time. The fastest way to get a roof over your head is to apply for a shared apartment from TOAS without limiting the location too strictly. The studio flats often have at least a 1-year queue. Both TOAS and POAS accept couples as tenants even if only one of them is a student.


Tampere Student Housing Foundation has provided students with housing less expensive than the market prices for 60 years, and today they have about 9,000 tenants. You can check out the diverse range of flats and submit an online application at TOAS’ website.

International students have their own application channel on TOAS where you can apply for furnished flats; read more about it on TOAS’ website.


Pirkan opiskelija-asunnot offers flats for young people who are students or working, and some of the flats are reserved just for students. POAS allocates flats on a means-tested basis, so if you have no flat, you might get a new home rather quickly. Apply for flats at POAS’ website!

Opiskelijan Tampere

Opiskelijan Tampere provides rental flats for students from the open market. You can use the same service to look for roommates and search for flats together. The service is free. See more about Opiskelijan Tampere’s service at their website!

Tampereen asuntotori

Tampereen Vuokratalosäätiö and Tampereen Vuokra-asunnot Oy serve students at Tampereen Asuntotori (Puutarhakatu 8).

Do you need emergency accommodation?

If you can’t find a flat before your studies begin, Opiskelijan Tampere’s emergency accommodation offers reasonably priced hostel accommodation while you are waiting. You can also contact TREY’s Specialist in Social Affairs, who will help you find a roof over your head.

When you find an apartment

Remember to fill in a notification of change of address when you move to a new address! You can do it online through Posti to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

As a tenant, you have both rights and responsibilities, which may differ from those in your home country. Take care of them! Vuokralaiset ry maintains a comprehensive information package for tenants at their website. The Student Union’s Specialist in Social Affairs will help you with housing issues.

The city’s counselling in housing issues will help in problematic situations concerning housing. For example, if you have rent debt, financial problems or you need advice on applying for flats and becoming independent, you may contact the Tampere city Housing Deparment. Read more about Tampere city Housing Deparment on the city’s website!

Conscription and housing

Conscription may concern you if you are a Finnish citizen, male and 18-30-years old. If you have had your own rented flat for more than three years before you enter the service, Kela will grant compensation as housing benefits for reasonable living costs. More information about conscription and housing can be found on Kela’s website.