Fresher life in Tampere

Tampere is the most student-friendly city in Finland, and in addition to local student discounts, student-friendliness has been taken into account comprehensively in various areas of student life: public transport, leisure opportunities, cultural offerings and student housing are all in great shape in Tampere!

For information about the services and student discounts offered by the city of Tampere, visit the city’s website. Remember to download Tampere.Finland, the official mobile application of the city of Tampere. In the app, you will find valuable discounts, information on local cafés and campfire sites and an electronic library card that you can use to borrow everything from books to ukuleles.

The Student Union’s social affairs sector does advocacy work that concerns studying conditions and the students’ everyday lives. The sector works with several areas, including housing, income, student meals, healthcare, well-being and equality issues. For the contact information of everyone working at TREY, visit TREY’s website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.