Tampere University is spread out over three campuses around the city. You will get to know your primary campus quickly, but we warmly recommend you to explore the others as well. As an example, you can go for lunch on the other campuses if your studies would not otherwise take you there! Here you can find convenient maps for all three campuses. In addition to the Tampere campuses, Tampere University also offers education in the University of Eastern Finland and has units in the University Consortiums of Pori and Seinäjoki.

Campus maps and other useful information about campuses can be found on the University’s website.


Accessibility includes themes such as accessible routes, rooms and parking spaces, but also a number of things related to teaching methods, communication and the social environment at the University. Accessible teaching methods take students with impaired hearing or vision into consideration automatically. The university facility services work to improve the accessibility of facilities, and the IT services are in charge of the accessibility of online environments and services. You can send them feedback directly if you notice any accessibility issues in their domains. The Student Union is happy to help you take your feedback further, so be in touch at a low threshold!

Most of the University’s lecture halls are accessible. Many of the older rooms, however, are only partially accessible, as there are stairs down to the podium. If you cannot find an accessible route to the teaching facilities, you can always ask the janitors for help. Many lecture halls also contain an induction loop.

Accessible exam facilities are in A2181 in Kampusareena, Hervanta and A026 in the main building of the city centre campus. These facilities can only be used by students who possess a proposition for individual study arrangements.

Accessibility is an important value for TREY. We aim to organise all our events and meetings in accessible facilities. If you have any questions, comments or experiences about the Student Union’s accessibility, please contact TREY’s Specialist in Social Affairs.

Student restaurants

Multiple student restaurants that offer inexpensive food are located on the university campuses. The meal subsidy provided by the government shows in the meal prices. The campuses have three restaurant providers: Juvenes, Compass Group and Sodexo. Of these, Juvenes is owned by TREY, so as a student union member you are one of the owners of Juvenes! Read more about Juvenes on their own website!

The campuses also have several cafés where you can buy snacks.

You can also get student discounts in TAMK’s student restaurants, which you can find in TAMK locations, as well as Juvenes Frenckell. In Pori, student meals are provided by Food & Co’s restaurant Sofia.

You can find a comprehensive list of all student restaurants in Finland on Kela’s website.

You will get a student discount from student meals at every campus restaurant by showing your student card or mobile student card. You can download the mobile student card app Tuudo as soon as the semester starts. You can also get a discount for student restaurants in other cities with your student card!

Almost all student restaurants have daily lunch options that take different dietary restrictions into account. Juvenes offers vegan food daily, and you can agree separately on demanding special diets, such as severe allergies. Many restaurants also have wide selections of little snacks. Tampere University is a Fair Trade university, which means that all the university restaurants must have at least fair trade coffee and tea.