Student union events

The Student Union organizes several traditional events during the academic year. You can find the full community event calendar on TREY’s website here.

Newcomers’ orienteering 30 August 2023

Newcomers’ orienteering is a checkpoint orienteering that takes over the whole Tampere city centre in the beginning of the academic year! Teams made up of freshers go around checkpoints organised by the associations, and they get to perform different tasks from poetry reading to obstacle courses. The teams with the highest scores are rewarded after the orienteering at the afterparty. Ask more from your tutors and follow TREY’s channels.

Opening ceremony of the academic year 4 September 2023

The joint opening week of Tampere Universities is celebrated starting on 4 September. Various events will take place, and you will learn more about the schedule on TREY and the university’s channels.

Sports fair and Hobby fair  

The Hobby fair held on the city centre and Hervanta campuses offers you a low-threshold way to get to know different hobby associations. At the same time, the divisions of the sports umbrella organisations Mahti and Turvoke introduce sporty activities at the Sports fair. Go visit both fairs, more information will be posted on TREY’s website. It is uncertain whether the coronavirus situation will allow us to organise these events. We will keep you updated on the situation this autumn on TREY’s communication channels.

Anniversary celebration 14–15 October 2023

TREY’s anniversary celebration is an academic dinner party where you can dress up and eat well – not forgetting singing, which is a significant part of the Finnish student culture. The anniversary celebration weekend continues on Sunday with a traditional anniversary brunch. Dress up to the nines and come participate in the celebration of our community! Sign-up and further details will be posted later on TREY’s website. In 2023, TREY celebrates its 5th anniversary, so the party will be on a whole another level!

The Biggest Wappu in Finland

The students’ academic year usually culminates between April and May in a two-week Wappu. During that time, the Student Union and student associations organise over a 100 events for all students! There is something for every taste!